AV Access / Hemodialysis Catheter / Peritoneal Dialysis

End stage renal / kidney disease is when your kidneys are no longer functioning. Your primary doctor may send you to Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) who can monitor your the function of your kidneys, if they're not functioning well. When you've been diagnosed with end stage kidney failure, you will receive options to help you receive dialysis treatment.

Dialysis treatment is a procedure to do what your kidneys cannot do. The process of dialysis is to remove waste and fluid from the blood stream, with the help of a machine. In that case, you will receive a referral for a Vascular Surgeon who can help create a port for dialysis treatments, to help dangerous levels in your body.

A hemodialysis catheter can be placed in your chest in the event that you may need to be started, on emergency dialysis treatments.  An HD catheter will only be temporary until you have an AV Fistula or AV graft created. 

The Vascular Surgeon will evaluate you for an AV Fistula, which is created in your arm by joining your artery and vein together through an anastomoses (connection). The AV Fistula normally takes 4 weeks to mature. In that case if it does not mature, the Vascular Surgeon may want to take you in for a procedure to help dilate the Fistula, with the help or a balloon and in some cases place a stent (a tubular mesh). 

If your own vein is too small or not healthy, you may be a better candidate for an AV Graft. An AV Graft is when the Surgeon uses a synthetic tube to connected to the end of the artery and the vein, normally from your arm. It will make a connection for the blood to flow from the artery into the graft and into the vein. The advantages of an AV graft is that it provides a solution for weak veins, which can be used within two weeks of the placement.

Another procedure is a Peritoneal Dialysis catheter, this is another type of dialysis which a catheter is placed in the person's abdomen (belly). Peritoneal dialysis involves using dialysis solution (water with salt and other additives) flows from a bag through the catheter and into your belly. After the administration you can disconnect on your own and move freely. After a few hours and the solution obsourbs the waste and fluid from your body, the solution along with waste are drained from your body and into the empty bag. It can be discarded into a toilet afterwards and start with a fresh new bag.

These procedures are normally done under IV Sedation and Local Anesthesia.  

Your health is very important to us. You can have your doctor refer you to Dr. Menezes if a Dialysis port is needed today. 




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