Varicose veins / Spider veins

Varicose veins

Vericose veins are veins that appear large in size, of either one or both legs. They can appear swollen, twisted and painful. Varicose veins come from (venous insufficiency) reflux of the damaged valves in the superficial veins, of either one or both legs. It can cause lots of pressure to occur when standing.

Common symptoms:

If you're experiencing any of these problems, we will send you for a special ultrasound of the veins. We will rule out blood clots in the deep or superficial veins, known as Deep vein thrombosis or Superficial vein thrombosis.
In addition we will check to see if the veins have reflux, which will tell us if you qualify for the vein closure procedure. This procedure is done at our office at 186 Joralemon st suite 1002 brooklyn, NY 11201, usually on a Thursday or Saturday. This procedure will close off the vein, with the help of a laser treatment. This laser treatment is done under sterility and local / iv sedation and should improve your symptoms in a few months. The doctor will also recommend that you wear prescription compression stockings everyday, for compression of the legs. The compression stockings will help improve the amount of pressure, that is harming your legs.

If there is no problem with the valves of your veins and you have small veins, also known as Spider veins. We may offer you the Sclerotherapy injections.
The Sclerotherapy injection procedure is a sclerosant (an irritating solution) injected into a vein causing it to swell, collapse and shrink. That helps with the disappearance of spider veins and returning the legs, back to a normal appearance.

You can speak to your Primary Doctor if you're concerned about the veins in your legs and ask to be referred to our office, or you can call us directly to make an appointment. Your health is important to us.



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